View Full Version : TSD Sep 10 - Morgan Bailey, Careful What You Wish For!

09-11-2009, 02:14 AM

On Transexdomination VOD (http://www.transexdomination.com/vod), you can pick and choose the scenes that YOU want to enjoy. This week we have sexy asian tranny Jules in a hot foot fetish hardcore! Here are some screencaps!


After some intense making out Morgan Bailey is ready to feel Danny's big cock in her ass . .. but he ahas other plans. He asks her to top him for a change. She laughs and calls him a pussy, reminding him that he has never been able to take it and always pulls away. He whips out a sexy little bondage yoke and asks her to tie him down and do it NO MATTER WHAT HE SAYS when it is happening.

Morgan decides to grant his fantasy with one last chance to back out. He says he wants to do it so she ties him down and works her cock into his tight virgin ass. He squirms and tells her he has changed his mind but she just gives him a couple hard spanks to shut him up and reminds him that she warned him and now she is GOING TO follow through on the fantasy no matter what...