View Full Version : TranSexDom Oct 1 - Amy Daly : Careful What You Wish For!

10-02-2009, 01:09 AM

On Transexdomination VOD (http://www.transexdomination.com/vod), POWER FUCKER Natalia Coxxx is showing just how strong she is. Check out the raunchy interracial hardcore action on Transexdomination VOD (http://www.transexdomination.com/vod). You get to pick which videos you want!

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Back on Transexdomination (http://www.transexdomination.com), Amy Daly saw that we were shooting submissive girl scenes here at TranSexDomination and asked if she could be in a scene. I asked her if she had any experience as a submissive and she told me that she has never even bottomed for a guy before!

I asked if she knew what she was getting herself into . . . She hesitated a second and replied I think so, but I guess the not knowing and loss of control are part of the turn on for me.

Hearing that was SOOOO HOOOOTTTTT! I booked her immediately and we brought her into the dungeon and turned her over to John Magnum. Watch as John teaches Amy to be careful what she wishes for . . .