View Full Version : TranSexDom Oct 15 - Submissive Jules Getting Banged

10-15-2009, 11:04 PM
If you want to see fiery Tempest pummeling into her slave Jake, check her out on Transexdomination VOD! (http://www.transexdomination.com/vod) You can pick and choose which videos you want! Just choose the scenes you want to enjoy, like this one from Mistress Tempest!

John Magnum has been doing an awesome job here in the TranSexDomination (http://www.transexdomination.com) dungeon and as a reward I asked him who he would like to shoot a scene with . . . he said he has always been a huge fan of Jules from my earlier shoots.

I sent her a text with his pic and she responded enthusiastically that she was ready whenever I was! I got them into the studio a couple days later and it was instant chemistry. He loves to dominate and she loves to have a man take total control . . . this was one of those incredible scenes that just clicked and everything went right . . . Watch the scene to hear about "the bet" and wait for the end to see who won . . . I guarantee that with this scene . . . We all won!