View Full Version : TranSexDom Oct 30 - Morgan Bailey Gets her Attitude Adjusted

10-31-2009, 12:33 AM

On TRANSEXDOMINATION VOD (http://www.transexdomination.com/vod), Jasmine Jewels teaches her mechanic not to take advantage of her again. On TSD VOD, you can choose the videos YOU want to download. So you just pay for what you want! It's really simple.


Back in the Transexdomination dungeon, John Magnum stops by "Traveling Hands" to get a massage. He informs Morgan Bailey that he has a shoulder injury and to be careful. She is a bit overzealous with digging in and when he repeatedly asks her to be more careful she responds that he is just being a "Fucking Pussy" . . . John off the table in a flash and she finds herself bent over as he spanks her ass (doesn't seem to be any problems with his shoulder now as he really wails on her ass) He then forces her to her knees and "massages" her throat with his massive cock.

After a thorough ass fucking and busting in her mouth John Magnum walks out of "Traveling Hands" actually feeling relaxed and in good spirits . . . and Naughty little Morgan Bailey has learned a valuable lesson about listening to her clients!