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07-12-2017, 05:19 AM
I am interested to know your favourite pose for photos. I know it annoys me if I see an attractive model and there are no shots of my favourite pose so I try and get a good variety when I am shooting. I am listing a number of poses for you to select - choose as many as you like and feel free to add more.

Naked ladyboy standing with erect cock but not holding cock.
Naked ladyboy standing holding erect cock.
Naked ladyboy standing. Cock not erect.
Clothed ladyboy standing with erect cock.

Any of the above sitting or lying down or any other position.

Ladyboy in underwear. Erect cock
Ladyboy in underwear non erect cock.

Ladyboy in tights with erect cock
Ladyboy in lingerie.
Ladyboy in swimsuit

Ladyboy's ass with erect cock.
Ladyboy's ass with non erect cock.

Hairy ass
Normal ass
Shaved ass

Hairy crotch
Shaved croth
Normal crotch

Doggy style pose
Kneeling pose

Upskirt shots
Shots from above
Shots from below

Ladyboy having a pee
Costumed ladyboy

07-13-2017, 02:59 AM
1)Naked ladyboy standing with erect cock but not holding cock.
2)Naked ladyboy standing. Cock not erect.
3)Naked ladyboy standing holding erect cock.
4)Clothed ladyboy standing with erect cock.
5)Ladyboy in underwear. Erect cock

10-09-2017, 10:53 AM
Jud, thanks for this.

First, please have the full-body standing shots shown in the stills, ALSO in the movie. I only watch the movie. The stills are only previews of what is in the movie. Don't make the mistake to think the stills are the prime interest. THE MOVIE IS THE PRIME!!! Forget the stills. Don't make movies only of boring jacking off.

1. the Asshole is NOT a sex organ. I don't like looking at it. I like looking at cock, thighs and heels in standing poses.

2. You don't need to spread legs to see cock. It is sexier to keep legs together and see girl's hour-glass figure with erection.

3. I always want to see erection. Never no erection.

4. All cameramen make the same mistake. You are always trying to center the face or boobs. Look at your framing. Empty space above the head while cutting off the legs and heels. CENTER THE WAIST, and get the legs and heels in the shot.

5. We don't need to see the face or boobs in all the shots. I want to see from the waist down. KEEP camera on waist down while we fantasize on sucking dick. This is what we want to see. Not face or boobs.

6. HEELS were invented for a reason. Keep the heels in the shot, and please ask the girls to wear heels. Barefoot is so boring.

7. Strip shows are exciting BECAUSE we can see the whole body standing in heels. Lying down or sitting spreading is such a waste of time. Yet you guys are always making 90% just lying down or sitting. The girls are too lazy to stand and show off their bodies.

8. Makeup is a must. But I understand some girls don't know how to put on slutty makeup. TEACH THEM. If there is any time to make yourself look like a SLUT, it is in the shoot. And RED lipstick is the only color in this kind of venue.

9. Also, skinny legs are a masculine trait. Fat chubby legs are a feminine trait. Please MORE CHUBBY girls!

OK> Thanks Jud for letting me giving my two-cents.

10-09-2017, 10:58 AM
Oh, I forgot -- As for what I like and want to see.

I would like to see a chubby legged girls [not skinny legs] standing against the wall lifting up her dress in heels and do a slow lifting her dress and pulling down heir panties, with an erection popping out. Don't spread legs. Keep them together and just stand there for a few minutes so I can do my business, kwim? You can keep the camera from the waist down. some looking up to her face with red lipstick.

10-12-2017, 03:41 AM
Thanks for the input. It is helpful even if negative! I wish more people would respond to get a wider perspective - not everyone has the same taste.

1 Many of our members dote on arses so we need to include some shots.
2 I agree
3 Absolutely. If the model can't get hard I can the shoot. you won't find many shoots by me without a hard cock.
4 Point noted. Are you referring to standing shots or when they are lying down?
5 Again point noted
6 The models don't always have the gear and the photographers provide a lot of stuff including boots and heels. There is a limit to how much I can lug around and you can't have every model wearing the same gear. I ask them to bring boots/heels if they have them but often the Philippine models don't.
7 I agree
8 I often have to provide the make up. If I had a dollar for every tube of red lipstick that the models have pinched I would be a rich man.
9 Personally I prefer skinny ladyboys but that is my personal preference. But I shoot the chubby ones also provided they can get hard.