Hi I've been on and off member of black tgirls for almost a year now. Having become a huge fan. But I do have a couple of things out like to see on the site to make it better in my opinion. First I feel like the intro videos for the girls should be much shorter. Any video that doesn't feature a cumshot should be about 5 minutes but no longer than 8. Secondly I think that videos that do feature cumshot should be no longer then 12 minutes but I prefer 8 minutes but no longer than 10. Hardcore scenes are good at around 22 minutes but 25 or longer is a bit much. As an avid t-girl porn watcher. I like to set up my app so that I can binge-watch maybe four or five scenes at a time in a session. I find this to be much easier with your older stock-footage which does come in the mentioned time frames. It is especially frustrating when I spend upwards of 15 minutes watching a girl with a weak cumshot then I have to find another scene to make up for it. I appreciate the fresh content everyday with new girls but I think the teaser video should definitely be much shorter then I can really enjoy the cumshot video when it is released. If I may make a suggestion on the hardcore videos I think they should probably be maybe no longer than 16 minutes to 20. I don't know if admin will see this post but those are my opinions on how the site can be better moving forward based on watching the older videos and the enjoyment I get from them. Do any of the other members agree?