Hey there, just wanted to ask here on the Grooby forums about PILadyboy.com.

Is this site under Grooby or somewhat associated with it?

Because I noticed the layout, styling, galleries are all using the same layout as other Grooby sites. Reason I ask this is because I joined PILadyboy way back in the day and remembered it looked totally different.

I decided to join again because I noticed the changes, but alas it seem as though it's only just a repackaged site and bumped up some of their older galleries to the newest updates. I noticed some new sets but majority of it is the same content as before. Pity too because I thought the site got revamped for a good reason. Was getting excited ;P

I do like the Grooby website layout though, it's a lot easier to navigate compared to it original site. However I noticed the updates on this site is very limited, unfortunate as well because I find the PI girls to be very attractive

Was expecting a bit more new content because of the revamp. Plus Ladyboy-Ladyboy.com use to get frequent PI Girls in their updates, was just thinking it got shifted over to this site, doesn't look like it though.

Any insight would be great and if we can expect anymore updates featuring PI Girls on Ladyboy-Ladyboy.com in the near future? thanks in advance