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    Cool This is Missing !

    I've been a supporter of Black Tgirls for almost 15 years and I have yet to see an ORGY ! That's right dammit, an all black tgirls with black male talent. I've seen Asian, Brazilian, various Hispanic and White tgirls in orgies but never African American talent. You have to expand if you want to keep your base enthused, you have to include black tgirls with black women or threesomes or black tgirl on black tgirl....maybe femboys and tgirl tandems. How about bbws . Christian XXX fucks two or more tgirls all the time and Grooby can't or won't implement these scenarios on their platform. We Black Tgirl fans appreciate everything Grooby presents but you have a lot of pretty young talent that fans really want to see in those kinds of scenes.

    I want to hear from my fellow Black Tgirl fans. Voice your concerns and opinions !

    Peace and Cool

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    I agree, I've been a long time member. Expand The Brand!

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    I agree with this one fam.

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