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    Understanding the Grooby websites


    This is my first post on the Grooby forum. I have mostly been a lurker of Grooby material for a while now, but I have decided to not be afraid to come off as a dum-dum and ask something that has been puzzling me for a long time - and the answer to which I have not been able to find anywhere.

    Is there anywhere a guide to how each site defines itself? I have been trying to think if I detect a pattern (maybe the degree of transition or type of girl) but ... nope.
    So what makes a scene a groobygirls scene vs a femout or a or a scene? What makes a girl a groobygirls girl vs a tscastingcouch, femout or tgirls girl? If I missed the explanation somewhere on grooby dot com please accept my apology and could you please direct me there? There are references to "graduating" and stuff so I guess there is a sense of hierarchy but is there a specific identity or is it all subjective? I see hot girls on all sites so it is not obvious to me how it works.

    So I would be SO interested to hear how the great Grooby folks think of their sites.

    For the record, I like them all so I ain't bothered and, frankly, I'd be fine with it all being together on one network site. But I am a nosy wanker (literally and figuratively for both words!)

    Thanks in advance!

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    It's pretty much defined on the front of each site.
    Femout.XXX - is for girls early in transition or just about to transition, usually 18-30 age range. is the widest range from stars to newcomers and all different types of shapes, sizes, looks, etc. Mainly N.American or European.
    Tgirls.XXX is for models who either enter the industry already looking great, or are more the 'star', 'Playboy' types.

    Black-Tgirls is the ebony version of GroobyGirls

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