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    Post Anyone have any info on these girls?

    These were 3 sexy ass BTG models that did shoots back in the day. No recent shoots been done by them tho. Anyone have info on their whereabouts, how they're doing, or contact info?? No lie, kinda wanna shoot my shot

    Ivanna DiCarlo is from Albany, NY. I've seen her pics not her vids. But she is SEXY AF!! Passable too, i would date her. Frfr.


    Gorgeous is from Florida I believe. Her video shoots were sexy af! Her ass is amazing. Lol i would also date her


    Nefertiti was a Goddess! body was beyond beautiful. I've heard rumors over the years but none have actually been confirmed.


    Anyways, I just hope all of them are atleast doing well in

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    apparently NONE of them want to be contacted, even to escort and make money!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by professorjpj View Post
    apparently NONE of them want to be contacted, even to escort and make money!!
    Could be due to paranoia. "Get in and get out" might've been their plan which you really can't blame these days.... Here in Philly alone about a 3rd of the TS I've known in the past 16 years have passed away due to health issues, drugs or murder. Shit is sad and crazy...

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