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    Grooby Girls vs Bad Dragon

    Grooby Girls vs Bad Dragon is here – this is our newest concept, a ‘web series’ event under our new broader banner of ‘Grooby Events’ allowing us to produce smaller, more niche or limited scenes or sites, for one ‘season pass’.

    Grooby Girls vs Bad Dragon, has launched with the first rounds, and will update weekly until the end of the season (10-12 weeks) but for one price. All content will stay on the site and you can access it at any time.

    So what is Grooby Girls vs Bad Dragon?

    It’s a concept with it’s tongue firmly in it’s cheek. We’ve re-imagined four Grooby Girl performers, whom we know enjoy big toys and reinvented them into hybrid wrestler/dildo fighters to take on the powerful Bad Dragons. Each fighter will try to take progressively larger Dragons – with the winner of each bout moving forward.

    A Grooby Girl wins the bout by taking the whole Dragon and riding it until it squirts deep inside her, if a Grooby Girl submits by not being able to take any more, then the Dragon wins and she has to cum.

    Yes it’s a little bit crazy and a whole lot of fun – but don’t let that distract you from the action. Lena Kelly, Lianna Lawson, Alexandra Vexx and Lena Kelly are at their hottest and most wanton as they take dildo after dildo.

    If you have any concepts or ideas, especially if a model/producer then contact Steven and lets see what we can do!

    Click here for the awesome free trailer and get your 'Season Pass' here!
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