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Thread: Fuck Tumblr

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    Fuck Tumblr

    I just found out about (this "Tumblocalypse" ) how tumblr just instituted this site wide porn ban outta fucking nowhere!? smh
    I'm so fucking pissed i just have to vent by saying FUCK TUMBLR an also FUCK YAHOO by proxy!

    Low key kinda mad that I didn't get the chance to download as many videos as i could before the ban smfh

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    You and me both, family.

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    Yeah, like CL and Backpage they claim a lot of it is due to hypocritical, crooked ass Congress passing lame ass Bill's due to "sex trafficking" and whatever else.

    Only good news is that not all of it is gone yet. That and I only pop in there occasionally to find out if the girls and groups I follow are going somewhere new.

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