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    Black TGirls is 20!

    It was our first photo editor, Greg who came up with the concept of splitting Grooby Girls (or as it was called then, Shemale Yum) into two sites, with one specializing only in black trans models. In those days, we were shooting on film, there was little to no video (the cameras and the web technology just weren’t there) and each week was a fight to find new models, with some days it going to the wire as were looking for updates. There was no way to simply find potential models on the internet, they had to be found from calling newspaper ads, from trawling the streets late at night and from referrals from other models. Black trans models were even more elusive. Not having any black producers in the first days, we simply didn’t have the access or the knowledge where to find them, so they were few and far between. I was against this site at first, believing all our N.American/UK models should be under one site, but as we’d found – members either loved one group of models and wanted more, at the expense of other groups so it made both logical and financial sense to come up with a new brand, that was Black-Tgirls.

    And the rest, as they say, is history!

    Black-Tgirls has pretty much been the only platform for black trans models/performers for 20 years. There have been a few other sites failed at doing the same, and I think it’s a travesty how few black performers get to work for other companies and projects considering the amount of stunning black talent out there, but BTG will continue to endure and grow, as it has always done. Since it started it rapidly became a popular site, and the members on this site usually stay the longest, are often the most vocal about what they want/don’t want and are true fans and supporters of black trans content.

    We started with both Tony Vee getting black trans models in NYC, and The Commander with his contingent of trans models in Texas. Over the years, this was bolstered by producers Video Bob in Florida, Vegas Bob in Las Vegas (both now deceased) and Steve in Atl. who covered much of the ground that Omar Wax now covers. There have been producers come and go, but the vast majority over the last 10 years of black trans content has been produced by Kila Kali, Omar Wax, Jack Flash, Buddy Wood and Radius Dark – getting content from all over the US.
    I’m a huge fan of the site, and the girls and it’s a privilege to be able to work with so many, to be able to provide a platform to showcase these gorgeous women and to be able to use that platform to also educate and promote on trans issues and inclusion. Thank you to the 1400+ models who’ve worked with us, to the 10,000’s of supporters who’ve paid to join over the years and to the producers who continue to often go above and beyond to find and get content of the newest black trans model. We’re not going anywhere. Watch this space!

    -Steven Grooby, October 2019

    Celebrate two decades of this colossal site with a very special offer:

    Sign up to Black-Tgirls for 3, 6 or 12 months and get the same access to our hardcore sister site Black-Tgirls Hardcore absolutely FREE!

    Simply join here then email us at with the username and email address used when signing up for your free access!
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