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  • Yes - mention it on her profile.

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    Question: When a model dies? Feedback appreciated.

    We're a 24 year old company featuring 1000's of models - statistically models (and producers) are going die. That in the trans community, and especially the black trans community the numbers are a lot higher than non-trans but that's a different conversation.

    When a model dies we post their details at :

    We usually leave their content on the site. Unless requested by a family member.

    My question to you is;

    On their site profile - do we add some text about her death with a link back to fallen angels - or make some sort of note on the site that she's deceased.
    Or - not put anything on their profile?

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    I do not think it is appropriate to advertise/post information on the passing of a performer/model on a porn website. Just out of respect and given the sensitive nature of how some of them die (i.e. murdered), it is best to leave that info exclusively on fallenangels.

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    A performer who has passed absolutely should be remembered, but I’m not sure mentioning it on the pages with their videos/images feels right? Maybe links to Fallenangels could placed in prominent places on each site?

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