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    Lightbulb FEMOUT Melody Cakes Walking

    ***MADDY CAKES***

    REALLY INCREDIBLE but waaaaaaaaaay tooooo short time wise.

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    I strongly second..more walking and longer please it looks edited

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    Speaking of walking, it's one of my favorite in scenes. Frank, Radius Dark and some of the ladyboy videographers include models walking around. It seems more common in ladyboy shoots than in others. It's something that could be easily included in any shoot, which Frank does sometimes as a short behind the scenes at the end of a session. BTW, shouldn’t all interviews with models have them just standing there, with a full nude body shot with and without an erection while they are answering questions? Watch Radius Dark’s Femout shoot of Elsie Sommers at the end for a great example.

    Ideally, I would like to see every model fully nude, or with footwear, and flaccid, walking slowly, with a few slow turns, or maybe doing some slow dancing. Then, if possible, doing the same with an erection. I just like that contrast. Other suggestions would be having some behind the scenes with models just doing everyday things like cleaning, taking a shower, preparing and eating a meal, putting on makeup, exercising, doing something while talking on the phone, with several turn around shots. And of course, peeing. In addition, during most or all of the time, have them not looking at the camera, which allows us to become invisible peeping toms.

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