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    Grooby New Producer Search 2020/21

    As the world’s leading producer of trans content, celebrating our 25th anniversary in 2021 we’re constantly on the look out for new talent. We’ve worked with many amazing producers worldwide over the years (and a few short-lived, not so amazing ones) and we’re very happy with our current producers, most of whom have been working with us for about 10 years.

    As we continue to grow, and as more trans models become available and want to work, in many different areas we are looking for a select few to work with us.

    We do not offer full-time positions. You are freelance. You work to our Code of Conduct . You represent Grooby in a positive light. You enjoy working with trans women. You believe you have a vision and capability on how trans porn shoots should look.

    We care not for your age (as long as you are over 18), your gender (we have trans women, cis-women and cis-men working as producers) or your race – as long as you can present a safe, clean and happy work environment for the models and give them the same respect that you also deserve from them.

    We are looking for producers in these areas:

    Asia : not Thailand – but all other countries, especially Korea or Japan.

    Central/S.America : not Brazil but interested in looking at other countries.

    Europe : not UK or Spain, but open to other countries.

    Australia/New Zealand : where are our producers from here?

    Africa : we used to have a S.African producer so we do know there are girls there, where are the producers?

    N.America : not West Coast, not South Florida, not Texas, not Las Vegas, not Philly/Baltimore, not RI/Mass./Maine. Very much would like to source another Canadian producer especially West Coast. Also looking for mid-West, St.Louis, Atlanta, New Orleans, etc. areas where there are models but we don’t have producers.

    Any other areas or states that don’t overlap our current producers.

    If you are a professional or semi-professional producer, with your own DSLR camera, 4k or better video camera and professional lighting and feel you can deliver top quality content of trans models in these areas, then we want to hear from you. If you have access to potential trans models, then that’s even better.

    Take a look here and join the Grooby crew!
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    I’m very very very excited about this!!!!!

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