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    Thanks You Radius Dark for Joss Amor Walking

    It may be short but that is what I have been missing and wanting!!!!!Those few seconds make the video for me. So damn sexy, I can just watch her walk around all day! It was short but really sweet!

    I hope the other producers start doing this, trust me you can go long.

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    I heartily agree. Two of my favorites from Radius are Violet Rhude Is Hot- April 7, 2015(BlackTgirls) the last couple of minutes, and Meet Elsie Sommers! July 31, 2018 (Femout.XXX) Several delicious minutes of her being interviewed by Radius at the end of the shoot.

    Radius is one of the few producers that do this, along with Frank. With or without clothes, with or without an erection. All are good. Too many shoots have way too many minutes in them yanking on a half-limp penis in bed, instead of many other activities for us voyeurs.

    This is a list of things we seldom or don’t normally see. Yet, it’s possible that at least half of them could easily be included in every video shoot, with a model’s approval:

    1. Dancing with clothes, then without any, or in high heels or sneakers. We also want to see more girls wearing hats because this makes their faces look even more cuter.
    2. Walking around and posing with clothes, then without any, or in high heels or sneakers.
    3. Being interviewed with a full body shot in the nude, without or with an erection. Or just walking and gently turning, with or without an erection with a full body shot, or doing both.
    4. Peeing in a well-lit bathroom in the sink or toilet, or peeing elsewhere.
    5. Eating food, smoking, or chewing gum, talking on their smart phone.
    6. Doing activities like cooking, cleaning, or exercising.
    7. More hard core scenes with prostitutes and their johns telling them what they want them to do, or johns being told what they want them to do - and not just dominance all the time.
    8. More scenes with producers telling the girls what to do next, or the girls telling them what they want to do next.
    9. More scenes with the girls posing for a minute nude and facing the camera, as if taking pictures, such as sitting on a couch or chair with one leg up, or legs spread. This, instead of dozens of pictures taken seconds apart.
    10. More behind the scenes, with girls getting ready for a shoot, and doing what they do, after a shoot.
    11. Have the girls talk more about themselves or what they did during the day. Did they go shopping? What did they buy? Why did they buy it? Let's see them try it on.
    12. Let's hear it for the girls! Let them direct the director.

    So many of TS models have such beautiful faces, and bodies, that are sexier than many biological girls. Let's see them in more natural settings that show off more of their personalities, instead of having them follow the usual routines.

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