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    A new website, venture?

    I don't know if there would be a market for it but . . .

    Transgasm is next on my list of subscriptions for you Ladies and Gents.

    But what about a website dedicated to Cisgender Men (and hey, mix it up too) performing oral on some of the female talent? If enough performers are around that would be down, might be cool. I know I'd love it!

    A forum I replied to earlier got me thinking so I thought I would roll the dice.

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    Every time you look at a site, you have to look at the potential of;
    a) how many people are willing to pay/are able to pay.
    b) how much does the content cost.

    If b) is more than a) then it's not going to work.

    A site with guys giving oral to girls would cost for one update a week (which is already a slightly hard sell) about $8000-$9000 per month for content (model fees, producer/editor costs, health testing costs).
    You would have to start the site with at least 10 scenes. So you are at $20,000 minimum in content prelaunch.

    The site could be marketed at $30 for direct sales.
    Billers take average 10% so that leaves $27 profit per sale.
    You would need 300 direct/non-affiliate sales to break even on the website. It doesn't sound much on a worldwide scale right? There must be 300 guys willing/able to pay $30 a month to see guys giving trans women a blow job?

    By the end of the first month you've spent $20k launch, + a further $9k on content + server/CDN costs (maybe $500 at this point) - so at $29,500. 100 guys have joined so you are at $27x100 = $2700 in. Net - $26,800

    Next month 140 sales ($3740) (cancels and new joins) but you've spent another 9k content and $500 on server/CDN so you're at $36,300 minus $3740 = $32,560.

    This is how websites grow - or not. Many never get to the breakeven point. This illustration was on a very low amount of 1x update a week. When launched it was 5x a week with 1x hardcore a week and had a launch budget of about $100k and a monthly shoot budget of nearly $20,000. It took 5 years before it swung into profit and paid back the initial outlay.

    So when I look on sites with new content, I look very carefully at the A and B figures above. Given my/our experience, I wouldn't see a guys giving BJs to trans girls website being profitable in 5 years, it would take longer if ever at all.
    I'll never say never, but not now.

    Sites like Transgasm are easy sites for us. We're able to take content from our other sites and repurpose it for people who only are looking for one type of content or another, in this instance it's guys who like cumshosts and they don't need the latest material. So the B) is minimal (some re-editing) and the A) isn't as important as even at 100 members we're able to bring in some income to help support the sites the content came from.

    There is your adult website business lesson for today, and also illustrates why you see so few new websites.

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