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    6K+ VR In Near Future?

    I recently got a Quest 2 and have been blown away by some of the 6K and higher res videos I've watched on it. It's frustrating though because trans content is what turns me on the most and you guys only have 4K right now. I know some other sites have done higher res trans porn, but they have nowhere near the talent and names Grooby has. Any chance, especially with the rather affordable Quest 2 that was just released, that you guys could shoot in 6K, this would be phenomenal for myself and other trans/VR fans.

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    None whatsoever at this point.

    The vast majority of porn shouldn't even be seen at 4k. It's above what the human eyeball would generally in reality (then presented on a screen).
    Great for some sci-fic movies, games, etc. Not great for porn. I don't see any reason why the VR would be shown at more than 4k at this time, especially given the increased file sizes.

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