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    Rose The Neko: Femoutís 500th Unique Model

    When we started in 2015, itís goal was to provide a new outlet for us, to both test new models, and give new models a taste of the industry. Grooby Girls has always been our platform for new models, but over the past years weíve been inundated with applications from girls just starting transition, or ready to do so.

    Femout runs at not-for-profit. Itís designed as a first-timerís site, and those who support this site understand that the models may not be as polished, or as comfortable behind the camera as models on other sites. In five years weíve certainly accomplished what we intended with our 500th model, ĎRose the Neko', debuting today. Thatís 500 models who we were able to showcase, and give their first taste of appearing to a wide audience in trans porn Ė who didnít have another outlet. Mostly US, we also have a strong Russian, UK and Canadian presence, as well as a few other countries.

    The goal of the site was two-fold. Those models who enjoyed the work, and were well received, were to move onto our other sites (graduating), and for models who just wanted to give it a go, to do so. Itís allowed us to see a lot more new models than we would have been able to do if it was just GroobyGirls and BlackTgirls, which has many shoots already fulfilled by returning models.

    A quick scan of models whoíve debuted here, before going onto other work for us, shows an illustrious cast of some of the best models from the past five years Ė Pixi Lust, Rachel Nova, Raven Babe, Nyxi Leon, Natalie Stone, Bella Vie, Kerri LeBouche, Brooklyn Roberts, Bubbles, Jordyn Starstruck, Erica Cherry, Janie Blade, Alyssa Etain, Jean Jezebel, Jenna Gargles, Jessy Bells, Chloe Wilcox, and Crystal Thayer, are just a few of the models who started on Femout before graduating to our other sites. About 22% of the models move onto other sites, some models decide itís not for them after one shoot, other models reshoot for Femout before launching their own content Ė and unfortunately there are some whom we donít have future shoots for, but happy we were able to give them a go!

    If youíve been part of this site as a model Ė thank you very much, and I hope you found it useful to you. If youíve been following this site as a supporter, thank you, itís your membership that allows us to keep reaching new girls, and bring next years superstars through.

    So weíve a missionÖ to hit 1000 models, early 2025!
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    Wow! Letís keep it going! Great job Grooby!

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