Hey, I'm a pre everything transgirl. That means I have not done anything medical or surgical. I currently live most of my life as male, but that is something I want to change. My intention is to transition fully, and live as a woman 24/7. I want to do this, and it really hurts that I haven't already.

The problem is, I cannot begin the process with my current living situation. I can get into this later, but it's personal and dealing with family.

So I'm looking for a man/woman/ts whom can help me get stability and help me through the process of becoming the woman I want to be. I want a relationship where we can laugh, cuddle and kiss - one where we do have genuine affection for another.

We would talk for a while, and if we agree, I would move in with you and be your girlfriend. The downside is that I'd still be pre everything until I could move in, and the process does take a while. All the while through the process, I am willing to be as good a girlfriend as I can be - and I know what boys like I am willing and ready to give full oral service every day, and my bubble butt bottom would be yours to use as well. Im willing to be adventurous in bed and try things. Nothing too kinky, like pain or potty. I'd love to wear whatever outfit you want to dress me up in.

Even if a loving relationship isn't what you are looking for, I am looking to get into the adult industry. Would love to come to an agreement with someone or a studio, where my transition cost would be covered and I can just pay it back by doing a certain amount of shoots for free, or big discount.