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    Grooby-archives photos

    Not sure if the various models Grooby-archives uses have a say in how they pose for the photo shoots, but the different photographers should have some kind of shot template that they use for the basic poses every shoot of a T-girl should have. Too many sets have boring poses that don't take advantage of the model, or use settings that are impractical. All shoots should be on a bed, or some set up where the model can show off her ass doggy style, as well as the usual cock shots, imho. Also, what ever happened to TS boob jobs? 80% of these ladies are flat as a board.

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    Hi Sydney, Grooby Archives scenes are a cross section of all our sites and photographer styles. Each photographer has his or her own style and we like it just like that
    Different strokes for different folks and all that, I'm sure you'll find scenes that work for you amongst the thousands of scenes available.

    I would wholeheartedly disagree that 80% are flat as a board, they may not have D cup chests but most of our models have boobs varying from As to triple Ds. We wouldn't dream of pressuring a model to get a boob-job, or using only models who've had boob jobs - we want models to be themselves and our focus is to be body positive.

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