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    GroobyVR - Pink Von Dee Has Arrived!

    Florida vixen Pink Von Dee is a petite young firecracker with one thing on her mind….hard sex, and lots of it! Smashing her first ever VR scene, she seduces you onto the sheets for an explosive one-to-one experience, servicing your shaft with her naughty mouth before jumping on for a ride like no other. It’s Pink Von Dee, like you’ve never seen before!

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    Hi There,
    The scale is still too large. Each video after Kira's scene has the same issue. Please fix, so I can buy these videos. I.e. the models look like giants. The colors, sound, and resolutions are great though.
    I view these vids on Gear VR with oculus files. Please pass along to the tech team please. Please go back to using the rig, that you use for the Kayleigh, Natalie, Mia, and Shiri vids. The scale was pretty accurate with those vids. I really want to buy the newer vids, but the scale is way to large. Please fix so I can enjoy all the hot recent VR updates, especially Domino and Aubrey.

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    Hi MisterTerrific06, you should be selecting the Samsung Gear VR files, not the Oculus download.
    Send me a PM here and I'll enable a Samsung Gear VR file for download so you can see the difference.

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