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    Question GroobyVR 2023 Discussion/thoughts/suggestions

    There's really not a good spot to discuss GroobyVR, so I figured I'd make a post here. Any thoughts from anyone or is it just me that's subscribed?

    Personally, I really enjoyed the Moe Scoville scenes released around April 2023 (Bella Bunny, Paige Turner, Nikki Sapphire). I thought it was a big step in the right direction for VR content and kind of brought them in line with other non-Trans studios. Insane casting with new girls and a lot of great directing with a lot of good positions for VR. Moe really has VR nailed, even if the new camera setup needs some work.

    Personally, I think Grooby's casting is in a completely different league than the other Trans VR studios that are active, but I think their overall product is a few years behind anyone else in the VR market. Too many boring scenes (just a BJ and then Cowgirl), and then, personally again, the solo and brazilian scenes aren't for me. That equation makes the $40/month a tough pill to swallow, even if its something I ultimately want to, and do, support.

    What are your thoughts? What would you like to see from the VR side of Grooby? What would make you a steady subscriber?

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    Thanks for the feedback and I agree with much of what you are saying, and I'll give a little context and also our plans for going forward.
    We were one of the first companies on VR, and had a steep learning curve. The cameras were zcams and a rig had to be built for it. Those cams were not very moveable - and given the limitations of what can be done with VR for a porn settings, then most of the scenes are fairly static as you described.

    We've recently invested in new Canon cameras/setup which is expensive, but we've invested in getting Buddy Wood, Radius Dark, Moe Scoville and Nikki Sequioia onto these rigs, as well as updating Frank in Thailand and Louie in Brazil We might be adding Kalin in the UK also, so overall you are looking at a $50k+ investment there.

    The amount of people wanting to buy VR is quite small, so the price point of $40 is needed, it's only slightly more than sites like which update 1x a week with a hardcore. Any less than that and it becomes impossible to reach break-even, never mind putting in profit. But this is why we offer 3/6/12 months which bring the price down a lot.

    So for 2023, what you're going to be looking at is the last of Buddy Woods on the old set up and as you've seen we've started migrating some other producers into

    However, the original plan was to keep mainly Buddy Wood bolstered by the occassional Brazilian and Thai set, as well as the other producers if/when they get 'stars' to come in and shoot, and we're opening a second VR site within the next 2 months, TransVR which will focus on models who come from our wider range of sites, more first timers or girls who are exclusive to us, more fetish type content, more unique or interesting setups. We'll be trying to produce that at a little less than GroobyVR but we'll have to see. There should also be discounts for both sites taken at the same time as well as a per per scene option.

    By doing this, it allows us to shoot and test many more girls and types of scenes in VR as well as keep those happy who are looking for more established stars, and to grow the VR part of our business as hopefully, the VR buyers increase.

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