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    Quote Originally Posted by BettyAnn View Post
    Hello. I'm BettyAnn. I'm a trans woman living in the NYC area. HRT for five years and pass very well and come and go anywhere I please as a woman.

    My photos are the real me with no touch up or photo shop. I enjoy the company of other trans women, men and genetic women. I'm a total exibitionist and love modeling. Attachment 40907 I love being a girl with a large pantie surprize. Would love to be a adult model someday.
    Hello and welcome Betty.

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    Well, I guess I'll introduce myself too...

    Hi, I am...neshershahor (Hebrew for "Black-Hawk"), 33 male live in China who grown up abroad who have a thing for watching unconventional sex porn...

    I guess I am just another Cisgender-Male who loves unconventional sex of the opposite-sex, which is why after being decades of Lesbian porn watcher I turned into TransPorn (I guess I am one of those cis-gender male who loves just love unconventional sex).

    I was drawn initially by Bob's work and TGirl Japan's earlier sets and among other sites - which all turned out to be Grooby - so, I registered here on the forum already in 2020 when I decided to register Grooby sites (and Bob's old site) so I can collect the sets I love. That's when I've decided to let my curiosity lead my way into TransPorn officially (and I just can't stop).

    Since I'm the kind who turned over from Lesbian contents, so I have a thing for Trans-to-Trans and Trans-to.female sex rather Trans-to-male hardcore. And since it's the curiosity of watching the performance rather sex, I prefer have a thing for Solo scenes with beautiful Transwomen playing with Toys - which is why I have a special loves Bob's old work with the machine willie, and the Bad Dragon contest with GroobyEvents.

    I'm the kind being tather a Collector than random watcher, and so I had my misfortune earlier this february, which caused my my entire Transporn Harddrive - 2 TB of stuffs - I collected from everywhere (Grooby included and elsewhere, Trans and Lesbian), being target of ransomware...

    And due to some sets are no longer visible on the site (especially Bob's), out of desperation of "lost forever" I've decided to bbreak the silence and posted this post back then: and the rest of the story you guys know...

    Again, thanks for Mr.Grooby to fulfil my request, and It's my honor to be here!

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    Hello Krystal. Great pic. Would love to hear from you. BettyAnn

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